rifle rest for the hunter and shooting enthusiast

YPOD is the most versatile gun pod on the market for hunters and shooters alike. It is durable, ajustable, adaptable, and simple to use. Because of its universal functionality, it is the last pod, bipod, or tripod any shooter will ever need to purchase.


the YPOD is made of machine grade plastic injection molding that is engineered to endure through harsh environments. Even the smallest components were designed for strength and longevity.


The height of the YPOD is adjustable from 7 to 11 inches to fit any size shooter and any caliber firearm. Quiet operation is ensured with a tension ring inside the upper assembly. Noiseless adjustments in the field are designed to make sure game is not startled during hunt.


YPOD is designed to function in two environments::

Deer stand or hunting stand from shooting rail - The rubber base of the YPOD is designed to hug the shooting rail without slippage or noise. This allows the raising of the barrel well above the shooting rail which provides the hunter with a comfortable shooting position. No more hunching!

Shooting range from table top - The base of the YPOD sits firmly on a table or shooting bench providing a steady shooting position.


YPOD is quick and simple to use out of the box. No assembly required.


Engineering Design Video

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YPOD® is Patent Pending

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