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     YPOD® is the lightest and the most versatile shooting rest on the market at an affordable price. Designed for hunters and shooters alike. Made for deer stands with shooting rails and for table tops at shooting ranges. No more heavy sand bags or missed opportunities while hunting. Light weight, quiet use, adjustable, and durable. It fits easily into a cargo pocket. Designed for long lasting and in extreme conditions. For youth and adults.

YPOD® Testimonials

"It was a rock-solid shooting rest and alleviated the need for the extra sandbag"    J. Stephens
10pt Buck"The YPOD struck twice!! The second was only 125 yards, but (YPOD) really made it easy"    Jo
"In most of the hunting stands I sit in the shooting rails are too low for me and I end up scrunched down trying to look through the scope. This is the perfect solution to my problem..."    Will. B
Youth Deer"I shot my first buck with my YPOD. Man, that was awesome!" (14yrs old)    Josh

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October 2015

Georgia deer hunting season in full rut!

YPOD is available on Ebay.

September 2015

Georgia bow hunting season start

March 2015

We are at Eastman Gun Shows in Georiga

February 2015

YPOD shooting rest available on Amazon.

January 2015

For the first time YPOD shooting rest will be available for consumers.

Fall 2014

Final changes and field tests conducted for YPOD during the Georgia hunting season.

August 2014

Live Oak Tek, Inc. launches near the southern charm of Savannah, Georgia.

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